Le carnet de voyage d’une élève

vendredi 4 juillet 2008, par Administrateur SPIP

This is the first page of my "scrapbook"
The teacher gave us a model and I added the colours
This work was made before going to Azé

Ou teacher gave us some advice for our "American Scrapbook"

Before going, we had revised the words to express the weather

On Thursday, for dinner we had
French fries, Hamburger, Salad and Vanilla pudding
Our Friday breakfast was
Eggs and Bacon with Orange juice

On the photo, we had imagined what we would probably eat in Azé

I drew my bedroom in Azé

These are my favourites

Can you find the names of the states of the USA ?

In Azé we wrote our personal notes

It’s over ! See our way from Sainte-Tulle to Azé, and back home !

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